eProS Tools - Overview

eCalc performs a protein energy profile calculation starting from a given structure or PDB-Id. The resulting energy profile is visualized in a 2D graph, can be mapped onto the structure via JMol viewer and downloaded for further investigations. Annotations from CATH, SCOP and PDB as well as Gene Ontology terms are given. This aids to understand the energy-structure-function relationships of your given protein structure.

eAlign aligns two energy profiles using an adapted Needleman-Wunsch/Smith-Waterman algorithm with pairwise energy scoring schemes.

eGOR is a GOR algorithm based prediction of protein energy profiles starting from a specified amino acid sequences.

eSearch performs pairwise comparisons of a user specified query energy profile to the precalculated eProS-database. After calculation, the best hits are visualised and can be analysed in more detail.

eMut shows the energetic similarities and differences of proteins with the same length. Detected energetic changes could give insight into functional and structural divergences.

e²TMR (comming soon) is a Hidden Markov Model based on energy profiles for the prediction of transmembrane and non-transmembran regions.